3 Reasons why bodyweight fitness is a winner....

Updated: May 9, 2020

1> They can be done virtually anywhere, green spaces, backyards and gardens, outside an office block, if there is some space you can workout.

2> They are flexible, any hour of the week at any time...... no set opening and closing hours.

3> They have no limits to what you can actually do......... you are not restricted by standard workout gear, you can really think outside the box!

Bodyweight fitness is simply exercising without equipment. Tough workouts are to be had to get in great shape, plus if outdoors you have the invigoration of the fresh air!

Workouts vary greatly, from utilising simple exercises on a mat (strength), to cardio (aerobic) and to one of my favourites....... pad work!

If you have a small area of space you can do pad work, one of the ultimate training systems for good fitness. The beauty of this style of training is minimal equipment, (hook and jab pads and a pair of gloves). No other equipment needed!

It will build explosive power, good cardio and is a great all rounder as you build stamina, co-ordination and torch calories using basic punch and knee combinations.

Pad work in a personal trainers context is non contact, so no injury, the only thing being hit are the pads, but what an ultimate training tool! What is not to like? Most people like hitting pads, it can get addictive, it eases stress and you are honing your body into better muscle tone, losing weight and building stamina!

Bodyweight training is pretty much all I have done myself in my own personal workouts. So what are your goals? How can I help you? My sessions are tailored to you, they are aimed to be informative, fun and to hit your goal. So, what do you need?

As a mobile personal trainer, I bring personalised sessions, at "your time and place", whether that be the outdoor space or the home space.

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