A great form of fitness training!

Updated: Jul 15, 2021

Boxing based fitness is an excellent way to get in shape! It is notorious for weight loss and body conditioning and here are the benefits!

Boxing based fitness comes in the form of what is known as padwork, and combines cardio and explosive power meaning it is interval training..... and has high calorie burning properties.

Padwork was the very first form of fitness training I was introduced to as a young Thai boxer all those years ago! The fitness world in recent years has utilised padwork for its fitness benefits. In the fitness context, pads are one hundred percent safe and non contact.

The beauty of training with pads is that it is minimal gear. I use it regularly in sessions and it is one of the few training methods that adapts very well to online personal training.

Online padwork works like this..... you replicate hitting the pads during your session, getting your workout in. If you want to wear boxing gloves or wraps thats fine, if it helps you get in the mood, though in reality you don't need any equipment!

I have trained those who have boxed before and this who haven't. So if it is new to you then it is NO barrier. You will learn basic techniques first, punches, knees etc and how to slip punches during the simple combinations.

Sessions work at your pace and as well as that, training with pads is FUN and focuses the mind as you have to concentrate as well. Padwork is structured in rounds with a set rest time.

I get specific requests to train clients in padwork.

So why not get in touch and try the ultimate in high intensity interval training? Covid safe and from the convenience of your home space or outdoor space?

Graham Kavanagh holding boxing pads
High intensity interval training!

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