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Updated: Mar 13

So why the busy professional? Over the years I've met many professionals in top careers. They are at the top of their game. They have a fitness aim in mind and need to know they are in safe hands with a personal trainer who knows what he is doing!

My own fitness life began in my teens, and that is over twenty five years ago.....

My clients hold responsible positions in the careers they have. Their demands and expectations are high, as it should be, especially when approaching fitness aims. Their schedules are hectic and their timetables can change frequently, depending on the demands of their profession.

Fitness is a lifestyle, whether I get hired shorter term or longer term, so sessions have to fit in with the schedule. "Your time and place".

Sessions are personalised to you as it should be. There are no generic programmes at Graham Fit Personal Training! This is 'personal training' after all.

One to one fitness training is the best fitness session anyone can have. Why? Sessions are specifically for you with detailed instruction and immediate technique correction. Other words you get my undivided attention, which is the way personal training should be!

I bring to you decades of fitness experience, and be aware you are in danger of having your goals REACHED. Don't just take my word for it.....

Check out Graham Fit Personal Training reviews on google and see what my customers are saying!

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