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Updated: Jul 15

One of the greatest things I pride myself on is delivering personal training sessions properly. One of my clients here wanted to lose a little weight. The great news is we are not stopping there. The sessions are continuing for even more results in toning up.

So how do I do it? I bring decades of fitness knowledge to you. I create and instruct great personal training sessions that are not only serious to get that goal reached, but fun and enjoyable too.

Clients have stated they wouldn't do half the exercises they do with me, if they were on their own.

Sessions are structured and highly motivational. You get the accountability. You gain the knowledge that I gained in the fitness world! Graham Fit Personal Training is no nonsense personal training. No waffle or fads.

You leave your phone in your bag, or out of the way, and we workout. Real exercise. No messing around on 'fitness apps'. You get the idea.

Are you a busy professional who wants to get fitter, lighter and more toned? Do you lack the motivation to do it yourself? Do you need the accountability to stick to your fitness journey?

Maybe you start a new programme but interest soon wains? My google reviews speak for themselves.....

Another weight loss success at Graham Fit Personal Training
Another weight loss success at Graham Fit Personal Training

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