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Updated: Mar 13

Getting fitter on your own turf is convenient for you, fact. Many people are nervous about entering training facilities, including some clients. Many want the convenience of me coming to you. Working out privately.

Everyone has different reasons, including building up fitness confidence, hitting goals, or getting your fitness to a level you are very happy with and then continue to maintain it.

How many times have you said to yourself I am going to get fitter, but then put off joining that club or facility? (because it isn't quite you?). If this is you, then you aren't alone! This is why I bring the workout to you, and create a personalised fitness programme for you. On your own turf!

Would it surprise you to know that only a fraction of those who join mainstream gyms, actually use their memberships? To start with, the notion to get fitter is with all good intention but then the lack of structured programming begins to creep in.

You then start doing your own thing then end up paying for a membership you aren't using.....

Personal training IS bringing fitness sessions to you at your home, outdoor space or park and even your workplace. It is what works for you! Programmed sessions, using bodyweight exercise and portable equipment.

You get your workout done fitting around your busy schedule. Some clients wouldn't have it any other way. Working out publicly in training facilities is not for everyone, and many do shy away from exercise believing they can't get fitter without a treadmill, a squat rack and a full set of competition kettlebells. How untrue!

Up and down the country outdoor fitness is growing, and local green spaces provide excellent opportunities for one to one training.

I personally have been exercising this way for years! Calisthenics (bodyweight), and portable gear. You will lose weight naturally, you will tone up and you will feel great!

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