A full body move.....

Updated: May 16, 2020

This exercise is very useful. As most of us are still in coronavirus 'lockdown', this body movement can be done anywhere. Great to liven things up, and can be done as slow or as fast as per your level of fitness.

The key to all exercise is overload, to see physical improvements. If you can do this exercise with comfort then speed it up or do for longer periods of time. That is two variables there, intensity and time!

This exercise can definitely be done in the home and other confined spaces. It is a simple movement, and you simply kick your leg out alternately.

The benefits of this action works on balance, flexibility, core, shoulders, co-ordination and muscular endurance.

Not sure where or how to place it during your workout? The choice is up to you. You could use it as part of your warm up, maybe during your workout or as a finisher to your workout. No real rules apply, it all depends on goals and how you want to structure your session.

Incidentally these 'kick out' exercises are a great aid to burning calories.

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