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Updated: Jan 13

I like to keep things really simple. This way your fitness sessions are uncomplicated, simple and you can focus!

As a mobile personal trainer, sessions use bodyweight/minimal equipment, so easily transportable. On one to one training you commit to six sessions and only pay for five. Why? This commits you to healthy habits and longevity. Sporadic one offs do NOT promote good personal training sessions or habits.

The point of fitness training is to encourage healthy lifestyles. Secondly, a block of six sessions are perfect for a bite size try out. There is also the extra benefit for long term clients who are booking six and only paying for five.

Also included in your sessions, is my online 'accountability' sessions which have proved a great way to keep clients on track between sessions with me.

These online sessions are delivered via zoom and simply make sure you have done the mini workouts and exercises I set for you to do on your own.

Not everyone needs these accountability sessions, but they are 'free' to my clients.

These zoom sessions are available to anyone and can be purchased separately, in the same format as face to face sessions, committing to six and only paying for five! The duration of each call is ten minutes.

Again this is a great way to stick to your own training plan if you need accountability to keep on track and is a powerful motivation tool!

Your personal training sessions are one hour in duration and begin promptly upon meeting. The majority of sessions take place on open green spaces, in all weathers. Some sessions take place at clients homes too and virtually anywhere can be a great workout location!

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