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If I had to choose just one exercise.....

If there was one exercise I had to choose as being the ultimate for body conditioning..... well there are several! However If the choice was only one..... I could choose, it would have to be the press up.....

The press up is one of those exercises that can be done anywhere and requires no equipment whatsoever. There is a definite technique and endless variations you can do but why would I choose the press up?

First and foremost, a press up is a tough exercise. You have to press your bodyweight and you certainly know about the effort and strength involved!

When you have done some press ups, you are in no doubt the effects this exercise has had on your body. I personally don't feel right unless I have done press ups. Over the years I've done millions of them, and many times have broken through the pain barrier and pressed to exhaustion.

That was the way I advanced with press ups and built my strength up. That was my personal choice of how I'd sometimes train with press ups.

The beauty of performing press ups, is the multiple benefits it brings you in physical fitness. It is a benchmark of physical fitness. Press ups build stamina and muscle. They target the chest, the shoulders, the back and the core.

A complete beginner can easily learn the press up with the correct guidance. I always say, you are better learning to do one press up properly, as pump out ten substandard ones which won't benefit you or maintain correct exercise form.

In the video here I'm simply using a tyre to elevate my lower body which adds a different dynamic to the exercise. Strangely, I find this version easier than a standard press up.....

If you are a beginner you can begin with a standard box press up, (on your knees) and then progress to the three quarter and then into the full press up. What is not to like?

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