Improve and strengthen your posture with these!

The seated row is is a brilliant exercise to do! Why? It works the muscles in the back, and to some degree your forearms and upper arms.

You will often see people doing this exercise on a seated cable machine.

The beauty of this exercise is you can do them anywhere, and in this instance using a resistance band. My clients love using resistance bands as they are convenient, easy to use and great for bringing the workout to you!

I use varying levels of resistance bands and using them builds muscular strength. Resistance bands are great tools for a mobile fitness trainer and clients alike. They enable you to add variety to a workout and I personally use them regularly in my own workouts.

Bands are also useful for strengthening weak joints and improving mobility.

The seated row is actioned by pulling the band towards your torso, keeping your back straight and allowing your back to do the work as oppose to your arms. Then slowly allow the band to retract to the starting point, typically at arms length (keeping a slight bend in the elbow, so you aren't fully locked out).

Like all exercises, if you are new to them they do take time and practice!

Strengthening back muscles improves your posture, and is one of the benefits of doing a seated back row. Here my client is seated on an aerobic step, but you could use a mat or just the ground if you wanted to. As long as the surface is flat, that is all you need.

Improve your posture with these!

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