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Updated: Mar 14, 2021

If you struggle with exercise motivation, then you are not alone. For me, it is easy, I never lack fitness motivation, that is why I'm a personal trainer! To be fair in times past, the only time interest sometimes wained was when I was exercising in a gym. Resistance machines, dumb bells etc, it was the environment.

Waiting to get on certain equipment, my planned workouts often didn't go to plan, timetables changed so guess what? I went mobile. Outdoor spaces encourage regular programming, interest boosts and you really get results!

In all weathers. It really does inspire if you struggle with motivation too. Why do you think so many people partake in group fitness in the park? Or opt for one to one in the home space, workplace or green space?

Now, let us just say, for the sake of this blog post, you have had a great workout, planned another one the next day, didn't get around to it, for whatever reason, so planned one the following day?

You know you should do it, but think well, I will start again the following week? The way around this, is to pick an exercise. A press up for example. You know you can do five (for arguments sake), well before you settle down for the night, do five.

Guess what? You have done some exercise. Next night, do six. This triggers your brain back into the mindset of exercise. You enjoy it. It is about enjoyment and realising the health benefits. It doesn't have to be a press up. You could do a barbell curl or a specific stretch, but make it count! You feel better.

This is a mindset tactic I use on myself if I have had hard training sessions, I will make sure I do something even if it is just some stretching before bed! That is how to motivate yourself.

Graham Kavanagh of Graham Fit Personal Training
Motivating yourself!

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