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Inter-personal skills for events staff

Specialist exercise instructor in York, Graham Kavanagh
Fitness consultant in York, Graham Kavanagh

One of the vital components of teaching exercise is to communicate effectively. Not only verbally but physically with body language. Over the years of training clients, effective communication conveys the point, whether explaining a detail of exercise or an exercise demonstration.

A lot of the clients I train, have reported back to me on the compliments they received from their work colleagues and also how good they felt in a confidence way. How so?

The clients that come to me for fitness training often spend their days in a boardroom or are giving presentations on stage at business conferences. Clients have stated compliments have been received in the way they "handle themselves" on stage with improved posture, better breathing, anxiety control and an all round boost in confidence.

I always say, if you feel better, you look better!

This is due to the "tenacity" and self confidence I teach in fitness sessions. At Graham Fit Personal Training those very communication skills are now for hire in training your corporate, marketing and events teams. This is due to the requests I receive from companies seeing an application these services in their own businesses.

Effective communication can be the success or failure of signing that contract and clinching that business deal. So..... could your team do with sharpening up on communication skills? Would you like to learn the skills that I have honed over the years in fitness instruction, demonstrations and years of presenting myself and exercise on camera?

It is one thing knowing communication skills but can you actually apply it in a natural communicative way? Do you know how to place a potential new client at ease in a business meeting? Are you unsure about body posture, eye contact and when to listen? Listening is also a communication skill that is highly underused in many environments!

Inter-personal skills are now an additional service I provide to those who have asked for and booked my help..... to assist their teams in communication. From small businesses to large businesses, communication training helps all. From business presentations and events to brushing up on public speaking, there are no limits to where effective communication can find a home and be useful. These are life skills.

Perhaps you simply want to become more confident in yourself and "handle" your teams with decisive body language? Applications are endless.

Sessions are usually one hour in duration..... and face to face at your premises if you are local to York or online if you are not local to York. Simply get in touch with your enquiry.....

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