Let's talk resistance bands! What are they used for?

Resistance bands! What are they and why do we use them? Resistance bands are a rubber tube/flat tape or loop in varying thicknesses. The thickness determines how much resistance they have (the force you have to pull or push against) and their uses are endless which makes them so useful.

I carry a range of different strengths and all for different purposes. There is still the misconception that you can't exercise properly with resistance bands, well I'd say yes you can!

Resistance bands are light to carry and can be used anywhere. sometimes I will use them with clients for anything from building muscular strength endurance (MSE), to stretching assistance and strengthening/rehab purposes.

In the image for example, this particular client had recovered from a Pilon fracture so we needed to build strength in the ankle. This is where a resistance band was worth its weight in gold!

Sometimes we use bands for isolation exercises, a bicep curl for example to strengthen a muscle and sometimes I will use them to assist posture. In the mobile personal training context some exercises are made possible that normally you couldn't do such as seated rows.

So, you can replicate many exercises outdoor or at home that you may see in a training facility environment. I personally sometimes carry a resistance band over my shoulder when out for a long jog. This adds extra versatility to my work out as I can stop and perform sets and reps.....

Resistance bands range from very light to very heavy and the heaviest band I currently carry comes in at a whopping 54KG resistance. Do be aware though, there are resistance bands and there are resistance bands and an expensive price doesn't always reflect good quality.

I tend not to use famous 'high street' brands as they aren't fit for purpose. The bands we use in your sessions are commercial use bands and have served me for years!

Strengthening an ankle joint with a resistance band at Graham Fit Personal Training
Building joint strength with a resistance band!

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