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"Losing weight with obesity..... what is the best way?"

Specialist exercise instructor Graham Kavanagh in York
Graham Kavanagh, specialist exercise instructor in York

Obesity is a serious health condition but part of the problem when people want to improve their health is where do you turn? There is that much information out there, and much of it is based on "fitness trends" with no grounding in the principles of exercise.

This is the reason why if you need help with improving a health condition then only use qualified fitness professionals. More accurately, only use qualified persons in exercise for health conditions.

The body works a certain way. That cannot be changed or a short cut made..... by a new fitness fad promoted by a social media "influencer". These largely have no longevity and don't teach what you need to know.

Currently there are trends being pushed as the new way to fat loss. That is forget the cardio and just lift weights..... with claims being made that this is much more effective. The reality is..... weight training burns very few calories in relation to cardio. Even steady state (constant) cardio.

So. How is obesity tackled? Where do we begin? An obese individual to improve their health needs to lose fat. The way this is done is by getting the body moving as a whole. Full body activities that get the body moving burn calories. The aim is calorie expenditure and this is where it begins. Cardio.

The level of cardio exercise depends on your current ability or level of fitness. Even going from a total sedentary lifestyle to a brisk walk will have a positive effect. Ultimately an appropriate intensity needs to be achieved over a period of time. This could be 3 x 30 minute sessions per week as a very general example.

Cardio is a gentle way to increase activity which is also a great way to apply the principles of exercise to this health condition. Cardio endurance is built up over time and the full body is working. Can medication help? A doctor can prescribe a specific fat loss medication in extreme cases if an individual has shown they are making an active attempt..... to be more active and help themselves and engaging in exercise.

Other words a prescribed medication will not be given out as the answer. It will work in conjunction with an exercise program. Nutrition also plays a role. Eating healthier is not a s daunting as many often think. Changes are best tackled gradually and eating less of convenience or processed foods..... and swapping meals for healthier foods is a good and gradual strategy.

Will I have to lift weights at some point or can I lift weights with obesity? If you don't like weight training then no. The key to remaining active especially when improving health conditions is finding an activity you enjoy. This could be multiple activities. A sport. There could be something out there you have never considered but fancy trying.

When improving obesity the first step is getting the whole body moving for the calorie expenditure. Obese individuals generally have limited range of motion and therefore achieving a proper rep range is difficult which is why weights are not advised initially. In the case of resistance machines..... again, weights are not advised for the range of motion issue and in many cases the resistance machine cannot accommodate a seriously overweight person for size alone. Many resistance machines require climbing into a seated position.

Flexibility training IS encouraged however to improve movement alongside doing cardiovascular exercise.

Weight training is always an option if you would like it to be but only when improvement in fat loss is made. So, to sum up..... "losing weight with obesity..... what is the best way?" ⬇️

Cardio training and flexibility initially. Progressions can be added which can be improving core stability and improving strength gradually. Remember there are often multiple issues or more than one health condition in tow with many obese individuals including low back pain. Any queries? Why not get in touch and book your FREE no obligation consultation. ⬇️

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