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Mobilising the shoulders.....

The shoulders are a commonly used area of the body in fitness training, yet also one of the most ill prepared areas of the body when it comes to workouts. Many people injure their joints through not being warmed up sufficiently before a workout.

None more so than those who lift weights regularly. Tears, strains and the like will put you out of action for a long time, so it always pays to prepare!

This is a very simple shoulder warm up, that goes a long way to improving the range of motion at the shoulders. A good time for this exercise is after the pulse raising phase of your warm up, where the blood is pumping and the body is warm.

This exercise really works the rear of the shoulders in particular and you will really feel how effective this exercise actually is. The simple raising the rear of the shoulders first then moving into the "Y shape", prepares the joints for exercise. It ensures the joint is warm and primed for action.

At Graham Fit Personal Training, the emphasis is always on safe training, and good form is important. Here we see a good hip hinge, flat back, slight knee bend and the focus on the shoulder action. Need any advice or want to start training? Simply get in touch.....

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