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My top 3 tips for kickstarting your fitness this winter.....

Graham Kavanagh of Graham Fit Personal Training with two kettlebells
Graham Kavanagh

With busy lifestyles on the go, it needn't be difficult to kickstart your fitness.....

Here are three realistic and practical tips that almost anyone can put in place right now.

One. Set yourself a new fitness goal. ✅

This doesn't have to be a big goal. No matter how small, it is still a goal! It doesn't have to be started right this minute, but you can set the start date for a few days ahead in the calendar. The first day of the next month for example.

This could be to lose a little weight, or get more flexible, maybe feel less stressed or going for a daily walk. It could be a more specific fitness aim requiring fitness training that you want to begin.

A new goal is also a good way to refresh an older fitness aim that so many start but ends up getting pushed to one side. A new goal or even restarting a an old one with 'fresh eyes' can be just the key to kickstarting your winter.

Two. Try a new fruit or vegetable each week that you've never eaten before. ✅

This can add something new into the mix especially if you are prone to eating the same things weekly or struggle to eat healthily. Discovering a food that is new to you can open up a whole new world of healthier choices. You may want to delve deeper and search for even more foods you haven't tried.

It is also a good way to purposefully get fruit and vegetables into your diet.

Three. Get outdoors and de-stress. ✅

Make a habit of enjoying your local green space. Even for just ten minutes. Fresh air is good for psychological well being and free. If you don't have a local green space handy every day then plan a specific visit to one each week.

Outdoors could also be a ten minute break on your lunch hour outside the office. Eat your lunch outdoors. De-stressing is vial for well being in general.

These are three tips to kickstart your health and fitness this winter. Any queries? Get in touch here.....

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