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One exercise for challenging the shoulders!

This exercise is excellent for feeling the 'burn' and great for strength and conditioning. In the course of running personal training sessions, one common issue with the majority of clients are the problems caused by a desk career. Bad posture, stiff neck and shoulders, aches and pains.....

The exercise depicted in the video is excellent for building muscular endurance, warming up the muscles in the rear shoulders and helps to build range of motion whilst being under tension.

This is an excellent strength and conditioning action. Muscular pain can often be caused by weak muscles so strengthening exercises like this can be useful! This exercise only requires an anchored resistance band which doesn't need to be too heavy.

Warming up the shoulders like this is one way to help counteract bad posture as you are also forced to work against the level of resistance. Suitable anchors can be a pole, post, a tree or a rig in a training facility. The opportunities are endless!

Exercises like this are practical for everyday life and excellent in the home or outdoor environment. The circling action is variable meaning you can do small tighter circles to really wide circles and obviously resistance bands are variable depending on how much tension you create with body positioning too.

Remember as with all exercises, exercise with caution and even practice this one without the resistance until you understand the action and are comfortable with your own abilities at your fitness level.

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