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One fitness programme does not fit all!

The beauty of personal training is that your training is personal! There is no generic programme that will yield results for everyone. Why is this? Differing cardio and strength levels for starters..... differing skill levels, varying rates of learning and those with underlying health conditions.

I train busy professionals who generally know something about fitness training, whether that be past experience or current activities. I have also trained complete beginners.

As a personal fitness trainer I establish your current level of fitness within your first session with me. Sessions then run at a level suitable for you to build your fitness level to get you to the goal you desire.

All my clients have complete different fitness capabilities. Some have underlying health conditions such as hypertension and diabetes. The programming for these individuals with health conditions is completely different to a generally fit person with no health conditions whatsoever!

There is still a notion floating around that to hire a personal trainer in the first place, that you need to be a certain level of fitness..... this is not true! That is the point of hiring a trainer in the first place! To get you where you want or need to be with your own fitness aim.

Take padwork for example, this is an activity I do with all my clients. The methodology is the same, but what isn't the same is the pace each client works at. Some clients have no skill at all when learning how to punch, knee and kick and take longer to learn it.

Others pick padwork up quickly and develop some great skills in a short space of time. Some clients have done it before, fitting nicely into this style of training with a few prompts here and there to take them up a level.

It doesn't matter whether we are doing padwork, sets and reps or cardio, the activity is personalised to you. It has to be..... and that is how results are achieved. Training facilities have high drop out rates on class fitness sessions, especially in high intensity activities. Why? Generic sessions, and lack of individual attention and motivation.

Why not get in touch with me to see how I can make your fitness aim a reality?

Graham Kavanagh holding boxing pads for fitness training
Personalised sessions

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