Online training to hit that goal!

Online personal training is something I now offer, brought on by the recent coronavirus situation. A great session can still be had, depending on the type of exercise, via video call!

One thing that does work well online is pad work. This video gives a short demonstration on how pad work looks virtually so you can still get an effective workout.

You simply replicate hitting the pads as if we were face to face. You get your heart rate pumped, sweat and are still learning and doing the combinations. (No equipment needed!).

I am an advocate of pad work due to it being an ultimate way to shed weight. Whether face to face or online, pad work is one hundred percent safe, one hundred percent non contact and gives you a first rate workout.

Pad work was a training method that I did a LOT when I was a Thai boxing years ago. A good benefit of using pads as a training method, is the minimal space required and can literally be done anywhere.

It works. It engages your brain and is FUN!

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