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Press ups and why they are so good!

Press ups are right at the top for body conditioning and there isnt any exercise quite like them. Over the years I've studied the press up as with every exercise..... the form has to be perfect! Especially when you teach exercise.

I've done literally millions of press ups ovet the years, and the video in this post depicts a 'regular' press up. Press ups are a bench mark of fitness yet rarely do I see them done properly.

There are a multitude of variations. The body must be aligned from the head to the ankles. No hunching the shoulders, drooping the head or allowing the mid section to drop. Practice makes perfect. The chest must go all the way down with a ninety degree elbow bend and full arm extension.

The hands are shoulder width but slightly wider than shoulder width is acceptable. If the hands are wider then it becomes another press up variation known as wide grip. Press ups build strength and stamina, they are high energy expenditure and a body conditioning exercise.

They work not only the chest and shoulders but the upper back and core areas too. You a better doing one quality rep as ten that are bad form and sloppy. That rule really goes for all exercises. Press ups can be done virtually anywhere and you dont need any equipment yet they will build muscle. What is not to like? Simply, a great strength and body conditioning exercise!

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