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Press ups on the back of the hands

This is a very different version of a press up, but you must have the necessary strength and conditioning to avoid injury with these.

Just like a regular press up, you get the benefits of working the chest and shoulders, however the emphasis is slightly different on what areas of the body are worked more.

Press ups on the back of the hands strengthen the wrists, build elbow strength and also target your core more..... namely the abdominals. Like any exercise, particularly if you are new to it takes time, patience and perseverance to master it.

Form is everything. The body needs to be aligned, you need the chest all the way down to the ground and full arm extension on the press phase. Here in this video I'm using yoga blocks simply to give me an extra stretch across my chest as well as protection from the ground for the backs of my hands.

Remember this is an advanced press up version so not for the beginner. With nearly all exercises, there are progressions and regressions depending on your progress and level of ability. The key thing is always do exercises with safety in mind. As with all fitness training at Graham Fit Personal Training, sessions begin at your current level of ability. Then we progress to get you where you need to be with your fitness aim.

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