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Sit at a desk all day? Try this!

The majority of clients I train have exceptionally tight hips and in particular the hip flexors. This is the front of the hip area. The video in this post has a lot more benefits than simply helping to ease tension in the hip flexors.

This exercise not only allows you to stretch the front of the hip but also is a great leg strengthener and an excellent exercise to limber up in a workout warming up the legs. If you sit at a desk all day working then legs and hips can become weak. This can lead to back pain.

Here I'm ensuring my front knee is correctly aligned with my foot. This avoids injury. The tough bit is keeping the rear knee off the ground. This is what provides the tension to make those legs work. Adding a little bounce with this exercise is always good. It makes your legs work harder.

This is an exercise I use with a lot of my home and outdoor personal training clients. This leg position also targets the front of your hips so if you are tight in that area then you will certainly feel the stretch and get some form of relief.

The beauty of this exercise is that if your career is desk based, you could take regular breaks over the course of the day and perform this exercise for just one minute. Good form is also important, so bear in mind knee position, torso posture and where your hands are.

Here my hands are outstretched in front of me as that is my personal preference though you could place your hands on your hips or anywhere that is comfortable for you. As long as your hand position doesn't compromise your posture and exercise form then that is fine.

This is just one of the many exercises I use at Graham Fit Personal Training to help my clients. Do you have a fitness aim in mind and want to train in confidence and gain fitness knowledge from my decades of experience? Live within York? Then why not get in touch?

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