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Specialist exercise instruction for low back pain.....

Low back pain, in particular 'non specific' low back pain is prevalent across society. In the UK adult population alone, some 49% report back pain for at least twenty four hours at some point in a year.

From sedentary careers to heavy manual careers back pain can affect many, right across the spectrum. Weakened muscles from working at a desk all day to awkward lifting patterns in manual work can each bring their own issues in the lower back.

Not only this, but back pain can be caused by bad exercise technique. Bad form can result in unnecessary stresses placed on the bodies skeletal system resulting in pain in the lower back.

There are many lifestyle factors which can contribute to the onset of back pain such as stress and smoking. Women can experience back pain with risks increasing after every pregnancy. These are just a few examples of how prevalent low back pain is in society as a whole.

The old idea of 'bed rest' is way outdated by decades, as bed rest often caused more harm than good. The onset of stiffness, inactivity furthering the worsening of back pain and fuelling the mindset of 'I can't move'.....

Exercise, namely by appropriate programming manages and alleviates low back pain. Exercise promotes building confidence in movement and taking a step towards taking control of your back condition. Muscles get stronger and in the case of back pain worsened by occupation, workplace ergonomics can be looked at as well as lifting patterns in manual careers. There are a lot of factors that can be looked into regarding lifestyle too.

Graham Fit Personal Training is now able to provide exercise sessions for managing back pain. Do you want to take an active step forward to manage your back pain?

Graham Kavanagh, a specialist exercise instructor for low back pain in York
Specialist exercise instructor, Graham Kavanagh

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