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The adductor muscles..... an often neglected muscle group.

Updated: Jul 15

This is a video from my archives and and what could be termed as an old school exercise. This exercise is about as basic as it gets though there is a level of ability required and good technique as with all other exercises. Adductor strength (inner thighs) is an area that is neglected by most.. and groin strain/injuries are also rife. (Related perhaps?).

The adductor muscle group bring the legs together hence the word "adduct" or bring together as well as working together with other muscles for functioning and coordinated movement. They also help to stabilise the pelvis during active leg movements. The adductors consist of...

  1. Adductor Magnus.

  2. Adductor Longus.

  3. Adductor Brevis.

Strength needs to be built in this region which in turn leads to the prevention of a lot of potential problems later on.

This exercise can be replicated to some degree on a seated gym machine, but that neglects the straight leg benefits. The straight leg benefits encourage a degree of flexibility, though in the early stages for some it is not uncommion to have the knees slightly bent until ability improves. The hands are best placed where comfortable though when placed underneath the body an element of support is achieved. As with many exercises, a degree of practice is needed to improve.

Learning the “core” basics of exercise ensures that control and movement is learnt at roots level providing long term benefits to overall movement efficiency.

In relation to health….. bodyweight exercises should be performed with some level of proficiency before going any where near lifting weights.

This also helps prevents issues individuals sometimes find themselves in….. through exercise injuries with “rehab” exercises that often just don’t work.

So in what format could these exercises be completed? A lot comes down to the individual. For example this adductor exercise could be performed in sets and reps for a specific quantity.. and it is also not unknown for this exercise to be performed "quickly" as part of a warm up too.

Many exercises can be manipulated to suit the need required. It cannot be denied that this is an excellent and beneficial exercise to incorporate into a training program.

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