The benefits of Pad Work.....

Updated: Jul 14, 2020

One of the greatest things I am grateful for was my background in Thai Boxing. I always had an interest in exercise, but it didn't really show itself till I began having private instruction in Muay Thai, in my teen years to my early twenties.

It toughened me up, and taught me tough unrelenting fitness. Pushed hard, in the traditional style, which is hardly taught these days. It involved a lot of athleticism, due to the jumping techniques for starters. Flexibility played a big part, then when I was ready I joined the main stream class.

From training, to sparring, to competition, these at the time were good times, till one day I realised I no longer wanted the injuries associated with a combat art. My favourite was pad work. The fitness level was amazing, cardio, power and getting ripped without thinking about it. Getting ripped was natural side process of the activity, so that bit was easy.

These days, pad work is utilised by personal trainers, because of how effective it is. You will lose weight, you will burn fat and you are learning basic punch combinations too! Pad work is safe, because in the context of personal training, it is one hundred percent non contact. The only contact is glove on pad, and that is it. So no injuries!

You will learn, great fitness, achieve excellent cardiovascular fitness, and have fun! Most people like hitting pads, it is great for stress relief, and a useful addition to any fitness session. It is perfect for mobile personal training and outdoor fitness too as it can be done anywhere with minimal space. It also engages the brain as you have to think too, learning co ordination and combinations!

Padwork is great for weight loss! Get fitter and lighter!

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