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Updated: Mar 13

One of the greatest things I am grateful for was my background in Thai Boxing. I always had an interest in exercise, but it didn't really show itself till I began having private instruction in Muay Thai, in my teen years to my early twenties.

It toughened me up, and taught me tough unrelenting fitness. I was pushed hard, in the traditional style, which is hardly taught these days. It involved a lot of athleticism, due to many of the techniques.

Flexibility played a big part, and the padwork training itself is what I would call the ultimate, if not the original 'high intensity interval training'.

Body conditioning and weight loss was a natural occurrence that happened due to the level of intensity involved. You lost weight whether that was the plan or not!

In fact many of the training videos you see on social media claiming to be high intensity are actually very far from being high intensity.

So why do I incorporate padwork training within your fitness sessions? It is a very effective way to get in shape, requiring minimal space and minimal space means you can train virtually anywhere! I have trained clients indoors and outdoors on boxing pads.

I have trained complete beginners in boxing style training which was enjoyed by my clients, and I've trained clients who have had past boxing experience and I was able to hone their skills and sharpen up their reflexes and footwork positions.

I haven't met anyone yet who hasn't enjoyed training on pads! Every client I've had have greatly enjoyed it and wanted more! Some clients have actually asked for padwork specifically before actually hiring me.

Boxing style training in the personal training context is one hundred percent safe, one hundred percent non contact and one hundred percent occupies the brain and you are getting FITTER. Often without realising it!

You get the maximum fitness benefit which hugely boosts your cardiovascular fitness as well as better reflexes and you learn how to develop speed and explosive power therefore boosting anaerobic fitness too.

Padwork training is also a great form of stress relief, taking the mind off day to day anxieties. This is proving popular amongst the busy professional, for the quality of fitness it brings.

You get all this without the danger of body contact, so this is why I include it (if wanted by clients) in your personal training sessions. Padwork is utilised by a lot of personal trainers for the versatility, but I go that one step further due to my experience and teach you actual skills on the pads!

You not only learn stance, but basic punches, knees, combinations and appropriate kicks. All in the context of fitness! This style of training is absolutely perfect to use in sessions as mobile personal trainer, and absolutely fantastic in an outdoor setting, whether that be your garden or an open green space!

Padwork session at Graham Fit Personal Training
Padwork is great for weight loss! Get fitter and lighter!

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