The power behind goals.....

With the majority of clients who hire me, the same thing is said to me time and time again. Motivation and accountability! It rarely changes from that bar the odd client who is self motivated and hire me solely for the targeted one to one training I provide.

So, for those who need motivation and accountability, how do I provide this? Simply the sessions are the motivation, getting that workout done and secondly, the accountability is provided online. Via zoom.

If you only hire me once or twice a week then the tough bit can be holding

yourself accountable to stick to the good habits you do in your sessions with me. The zoom calls are usually weekly but can be more often if you need it.

These calls last around ten minutes, and are basically a check in, to see what exercise you have done, how your eating habits are and if there are any concerns you may have.

Plus, the 'accountability' calls ensure you have done that jog I asked you to do or that mini workout I set you as 'homework'. Therefore holding you accountable.

This has proven beneficial for those who have taken advantage of this (free to my clients who have purchased personal training sessions). Also this service is available to anyone else to keep on track with your own training. Simply get in touch for details!

Accountability for your fitness!

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