The power hour is here!

Updated: Mar 13

Are you unsure, nervous or curious about personal training sessions? Do you have that goal in mind but undecided whether to commit to some training sessions? Then this is for you!

This is the power hour. This hour gives you a taster as we go through my top ten exercises along with technique..... the session is with me, either face to face outdoors or online via zoom.

The exercises are beneficial for your whole body as we use your bodyweight. No equipment is needed! After this hour you have the knowledge of ten specific exercises that you can do anywhere, along with knowing why they will benefit you.

The hour is aimed to make you think about your exercise and what you eat.....

As always, currently with covid, face to face sessions take place in the open green space, safe and distanced.

Face to face personal training sessions have largely remained unaffected by covid due to the practicality of what I provide. Ever since the first 'lockdown' I've remained open and training clients, by simply implementing my own distancing measures which go above and beyond the current guidelines.

You will learn to press, squat and plank! This is Graham Fit Personal Training, providing mobile personal training in York and online personal training. Get in touch for details.....

The power hour, a taster session at Graham Fit Personal Training
The power hour!

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