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The shoulder blades......

Updated: May 9, 2020

The shoulders are worked out greatly, every gym, every fitness enthusiast, however one particular area, sometimes not given much attention are the shoulder blades. This area of the body is the secret to the success behind many exercises.

To explain what I mean, standing straight, hands clasped behind your back, looking forward, squeeze your shoulder blades together and hold for thirty seconds. Feel better?

I utilise mobility and flexibility training because they enhance every other exercise, you can think of. Building strength in this area, the scapula, assists press ups, assists pull ups and assists posture.

The shoulder mobility movements in this video, are great to create fluid movements and assist with flexibility. The yoga blocks, I used here are for height, to make sure that a certain range of movement is achieved.

Again, the benefits of simplicity! Yoga blocks are so useful, light to carry and durable. By positioning the blocks on their different edges you can adjust the height that your arms move over them. The large flat area for low position, medium height as in the video, and the short edge, if you want to use more height to make the exercise harder.

I am also squeezing a lacrosse ball in each hand, to assist with grip strength, so to maximise this simple effective exercise! You could use a tennis ball instead. As always, no nonsense at Graham Fit Personal Training!

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