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The ultimate in high intensity training.....

Updated: Sep 17, 2023

Some clients hire me for padwork or like it incorporated into their fitness session. This is Thai boxing based..... and uses the full body which makes it an effective tool for overall fitness improvements.

Padwork is safe, non contact and really is the ultimate in high intensity training. Padwork will blow your fitness level through the roof, and "tone" you up without a doubt.

More and more of my clients are realising the benefits of this type of training.

The beauty of padwork fitness training is that it requires minimal space, so a back garden is perfect and I also run these sessions on the many open green spaces in York. Padwork is a tremendous training addition to the personal training sessions I provide.

Although this is fitness based you are still learning real techniques. You learn basic punches, knees and kicks. Occasionally you will learn elbows.

You then learn to put them together in simple combinations.....

Padwork is training with longevity and has been around for centuries. Many clients like padwork because it gets their frustrations out with the stressful careers they have.

As clients improve then skills are honed, technique is practiced more and sessions really sharpen up.

Padwork is not only very effective for weightloss, but it is also fun, addictive and never gets boring! So, are you wanting to get fitter, lighter and more toned?

Do you have a fitness goal that you actually want to reach? There is only one Graham Fit Personal Training in existence in the world, so if you require professional personal training then simply get in touch!

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