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THREE things to stop doing with low back pain.....

Graham Kavanagh, of Graham Fit Personal Training. Specialist exercise instructor for low back pain in York.


The fitness and health industry is flooded with all manner of 'quick fixes' by way of gadgetry, battery powered products, inversion boards, healing balms and the like, all promising instant solutions to low back pain.

The truth is, none of these address the actual issue at hand. Many of these quick fixes are nothing more than gimmicks with no long term solution to back pain. Far too many are looking for a quick and easy way to get fixed instantly but the body doesn't work like that. None of these products take into account the assessment process of your low back pain..... which is absolutely essential, otherwise you can risk doing more harm than good.


The idea of lying down and doing absolutely nothing to cure back pain appeals to many because, well..... you don't have to do anything? Again, that isn't how the body works! Using heat or ice treatments may feel good at the time but aren't giving any long term solution to your back pain.

The body needs to 'work' to effectively treat back pain. Muscles need to be active to start addressing the issues causing low back pain. Muscles need to do their job and contribute to get stronger to assist recovery.


Exercise may seem daunting especially if you suffer with non specific low back pain, but exercise has positive outcomes when your aim is pain reduction and managing back pain. The first step in addressing back pain is the assessment. This defines a safe course of action for you.

Exercise programmes for low back pain sufferers have proven time and time again, that exercise is the way to manage low back pain. Successful outcomes come from exercise and postural correction. So..... do you suffer with low back pain? Have you been diagnosed with non specific low back pain?

Do you want to take a pro active approach in managing this condition? At Graham Fit Personal Training in York, I bring decades of knowledge and fitness training experience in helping clients improve their fitness levels and health. Any queries?

Simply get in touch.

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