Two exercises to strengthen your back.....

These two exercises are really beneficial for strengthening your lower back. A lot of back pain can be attributed to weak back muscles. This can often be said of a lot of body pain..... weak joints and muscles DO contribute to joint and muscular pain.

The first exercise is 'cobra' like and with the correct hand placement you push up into a cobra like position. This is a brilliant body movement as it facilitates a nice stretch as well as aligning the spine and hips, therefore easing aches and stiffness in the lower back.

This exercise will make you feel stronger in the core and you will feel energised. A very simple exercise that can be done anywhere with no equipment. It is also an exercise I use with my clients during their fitness sessions. Regular practice will also improve flexibility too.

The key to getting the maximum benefit from any exercise is technique, and with this 'cobra' style exercise, you should aim to keep your core pressed into the floor. This gives you a more beneficial stretch improving your strength and flexibility.

The second exercise, is a full body raise (simultaneously lifting the upper body and the legs). This is a much harder exercise than just doing back raises (lifting the upper body only).

The benefits of doing this exercise are increased core strength, strengthening the lower back, building stamina and improving flexibility. There are so many different ways the back can be exercised, and there are many ways these exercises can be made more challenging too. That I will save for a future blog post!

The beauty of exercises like these is they are great for mobile personal training sessions whether in the home space/garden or outdoor fitness sessions on the open green space!

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