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Warming up without moving your feet.....

Here are two great exercises for adding into a warm up. These are full body exercises and require no equipment whatsoever! They will have you sweating in no time. Why bother warming up in the first place?

Warming up, gets the heart pumping, increasing blood flow to the muscles. Blood flow to the muscles means transportation of oxygen which is needed where some is used straight away and the rest is stored. Oxygen in your body is used to break down glucose which produces energy (ATP).

Muscles work hard during exercise, so it's important to prepare the body and mind for the workout ahead. Some warm up exercises are harder than others so the order they are done will vary depending on ability and workout aims.

Warming up thoroughly also means that it's less likely to strain or injure a muscle, as you will be more fluid in movement, the muscles are warm, prepared and blood flow has increased.

The beauty of the exercises in the video is they can be done in minimal space! These are just two examples, but as a home and outdoor personal trainer I often train my customers in small spaces, including confined gardens with limited room.

Many open space exercises are just not possible in a confined space, so often exercises are adapted but that doesn't mean they are any easier!

There is a lot going on with these exercises with arm position, body rotation and foot position..... but the main safety point is keeping the knees behind the toes. This prevents knee strain or injury.

Warming up also involves the joints improving range of motion making your body more efficient during your exercise session. What is not to like? Do you have a hectic schedule? Want to get a fitness aim reached?

Why not get in touch! Home and outdoor personal training brought to you by Graham Fit Personal Training.....

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