What your first training session involves!

Updated: Jul 15

A first session can vary greatly depending on your fitness goals. Everyone is different and all sessions are personalised to the individual.

The very first session is quite general to see what your level of fitness is and find out what you like and don't like! I will introduce lots of different exercises and types of fitness training to find out what you like and perhaps don't like.....

I will take your blood pressure and check your resting heart rate and may take you through a couple of strength tests which are actually a lot simpler than it sounds. In fact you won't even be told you are doing strength tests. These are just so I know what level you are at physically.....

Sessions typically begin with a pulse raiser, stretching, a main workout and a cool down. As a mobile personal trainer, your workouts involve using fitness gear such as mini kettlebells, cones, a weighted slam ball, professional grade resistance bands plus Thai boxing pads, hook and jab pads as well as various other items.

Your session is personalised to you and no one has the same session. Typically a session will last one hour and I demonstrate exactly what exercise I want you to do before you do it. This ensures you are doing it properly to benefit from the exercises and also from a safety viewpoint.

Of course, even if you are a complete beginner to exercise and have seen the health benefits of getting fitter, like the idea of training sessions, then that is no barrier. Get in touch to see how I can help you. Everybody had to begin somewhere!

Graham Kavanagh, your personal trainer
Your trainer, Graham Kavanagh

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