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Why perfection matters.....

Updated: May 19

Over the years I've prided myself on the highest level of fitness teaching possible. Why is this? What you teach a client will stay with them for life. It has to be right! I spend a lot of time training undoing people's bad habits. I often say where did you learn that? They tell me..... so I have to correct their mistakes.

Fitness training MUST BE DONE CORRECTLY. It is not only my passion but also my lifestyle.

I predominantly train clients at their homes and in outdoor green spaces, and the standard remains the same. Take this press up video for example. I watched the differences between how a bodybuilder bench presses to how a powerlifter will bench press. I applied the powerlifter technique to the press up as oppose to the bodybuilder technique.

Both are good in their own right, but the press ups I do here build strength over 'pump'. I'm not going into the in's and out's here..... for that you'd have to hire me.

A lot depends on your aims, as a lot of my clients have varying targets they want to reach, so not every body will do this exercise.

To make sure my clients get the best physical instruction, I frequently check and perform my own technique and analyse what I do. Body position, foot position, hand position etc. You never teach anybody anything unless the instructor themselves are doing it correctly. That is experience.

Personal training is the best form of physical instruction as you get the attention to detail which enhances your workout. The knowledge you gain is second to none. So, are you wanting to get fitter, lighter and more toned? Are you that busy professional living in York who has a hectic schedule?

This is Graham Fit Personal Training..... home and workplace visits.. and outdoor sessions (if appropriate) in York. Simply get in touch!

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