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Why running is good for knees....

Updated: Mar 14, 2021

So many times, I hear, I can't run it hurts my knees. Contrary to belief, running is good for you and your knees. Running assists the natural function of bone. One of my interests in anatomy is bone and bone function.

You only have to look at the structure of the foot to see that the human body was made to run, it is the most natural function you can do. Running is open to most people and does not cost any money at its basic level. A pair of inexpensive running trainers is all you need to start, and they are pretty much all I use myself, plus a stopwatch.

Bone is what supports our bodies and knee pain (I used to have it badly, sharp needle like stabbing pains, unbearable, till I started taking running seriously), is commonly contributed to having weak bone at the knee joint.

Cardio and resistance training are essential for good bone health. Basically, bone has for example 'osteoclasts and osteoblasts'. Osteoclasts clear away old bone making way for the new bone growth by osteoblasts.

Running stimulates this natural process, hardening up the knee joints, as end of the day the human body was not really suited to sitting around all day. Walking, jogging and running are all needed for healthy bones.

What you run on has varied benefits. The bulk of my own running, with outdoor personal training, is done outdoors on all terrains, usually grass, uneven tracks and a mixture of road running. This hits the knee joints at different angles, toughening up the bones, ligaments and muscle in the legs.

This gives the knees a better more beneficial workout, softer surfaces, as oppose to just doing road running which can cause its own problems by the knees working out in one dimension, higher impact and the knees do not fully benefit from this.

Gym treadmills can also cause these problems. It is amazing when you are so used to outdoor jogging, over longer distances, how easy treadmills become on the rare occasion I have ventured indoors. At Graham Fit Personal Training I am committed to better health and conditioning and outdoor personal training provides that environment!

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