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Why you need agility!

There is more to exercise than simply just doing sets and reps! You need other components as well such as jumping, moving, stability and co-ordination movements which are good for the brain.

The beauty of training at "your time and place", is that many of these training techniques are well suited to the outdoor space be it a park or a garden.

Cardio is talked about everywhere. Resistance training is talked about everywhere, so here let's talk about agility!

The skeletal system was made to move. We were made to jump, twist and get athletic!

Jumping and agility skills strengthen bone. Bone is the foundation to good physical health.

In fact many body pain issues can be attributed to weak bone, so bone needs to be hardened up. This is why many with sore knee joints take up running because running hardens up the knee joint surfaces, resulting in reduced pain if not complete pain obliteration.

The forward jumps in this video are not only great for knee bones but also stability in particular on landing. Exercises like these make you more aware of your body and body positioning. This exercise is fun to do, and highly beneficial for you.

The press ups with a twist, again is a good stability exercise and makes you aware of body positioning, in particular the core. As an extra movement, I added the forward dive into press up position, as again, great for building stability in the upper body and strengthening the hands and wrist bones.

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