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Will any type of exercise improve my low back pain?

When I write social posts or articles, I have lots of questions running through my mind that people have asked me for answers to. I try to post content that the majority of readers will find useful..... Every case of LBP is different. How? Here are a few reasons..... 1. Pain severity. 2. Medical diagnosis implications. 3. Possible prescribed medication use. 4. Level of ability. 5. Additional health implications. 6. Psychological implications in relation to long term pain. 7. Lifestyle and aggravating patterns. 🔴 Question. "Will any type of exercise improve my low back pain? 🔴 Answer. "Individual back pain circumstances have to be taken into account. Causes, aggravations and some issues may be unknowingly worsened by certain types of activity..... depending on the nature of your LBP. Slight aches or stiffness at the lower end of the scale may well be sorted by simply getting active..... though in reality, there are usually muscle imbalances and movement issues present, and if these are not approached then those issues more than likely continue." The aim is to build a foundation to work from. Then progress is made. Exercise prescription can take many guises involving different activities too. The aim is always building a long term habit of activity to benefit your low back..... and preventing worsening symptoms/reduce pain. An exercise program for one person, is not typically appropriate for another. Any questions how I can help you or to book your free consultation..... as always.....

Specialist exercise instructor Graham Kavanagh
Will any exercise improve low back pain?

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