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A go to exercise for your legs!

Updated: Apr 25, 2023

Lunges are simply one essential exercise for building leg strength and stamina. Working the glutes, hamstrings and quadriceps generally speaking. They are great to do as they hit more than one muscle group at a time so therefore a good return for your efforts!

There are literally loads of variations you could do, but for this post we are just looking at the bodyweight lunge. Bodyweight lunges are what I call a 'foundation' exercise because you can build on them in the future.

As with all exercises the key is to getting it right. My feet are slightly apart, around shoulder width, which would be the absolute maximum. This is for stability and making sure you focus on the muscles being worked as oppose to trying to keep your balance.....

That part of the lunge is where so many get it wrong!

When I step forward I am making sure my knee tracks in line with my foot and does not over reach beyond the toes. When I step back (push back), I make sure that my feet remain APART. This is good form.

Also be aware of your posture, keeping your back as straight as you can, which makes for good form and reduces the risk of injury. Maintaining posture as oppose to slouching forward encourages core focus and breathing.

Every rep you do with any exercise has to count. Bodyweight lunges can be done literally anywhere, from the outdoor fitness session to the home space, and not only do I use them in personal training sessions but I also use them myself in my own workouts.

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