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Are you a newbie to fitness? Read on.....

Many times, when you have a fitness aim in mind it is very easy to throw yourself into it and try to do everything at once! Your motivation is massive which is great, however the majority who do this soon feel unmotivated after a short space of time.

I was having a chat to one of my clients the other day and he knows someone who has just done this..... going to throw themselves into fifteen exercise sessions per week straight from a sedentary lifestyle.

Why will this way of thinking more than likely fail at some point? The main reasoning behind this way of thinking is results are required. If you have a fitness aim in mind and have little or no fitness experience..... many often think that goal will be achieved doing excessive amounts of training in a short space of time.

That isn't really how fitness aims are successfully achieved. Goals are achieved through consistency, balanced and structured fitness sessions and a longer term viewpoint.

If you throw yourself into an excessive amount of training per week, you will likely physically exhaust at some point, risk losing your motivation completely because you haven't seen the desired result you wanted in that short space of time.

The key to achieving your fitness aim is to set a realistic workout time per week. An amount of time that is balanced and an amount of time that you know you can keep up longer term..... so fitness becomes part of a lifestyle as oppose to a mad all out attempt in just a very short space of time. The body doesn't work like that.

Remember, when you reach your fitness goal you have to maintain it! That is why your fitness training must be balanced. Sure I'm speaking generally here about suddenly taking up fitness, but it is advice to bear in mind!

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