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Building your fitness foundation..... Getting the basics right is KEY!

Graham Kavanagh training a client
Exercise instruction

I get hired for a great many reasons which range from creating healthy habits, improving fitness levels, improving flexibility..... fitness class readiness, strengthening joints etc. There are a lot of areas within the scope of improving fitness.

However, the first thing to establish before diving into any program of exercise is can you do basic exercises? What is your form like? This is crucial as this lays the foundation for everything else. There are basic exercises I check which form the foundations of fitness and important for your fitness success.

What is the foundation of fitness? The foundation of fitness is absolutely essential and I talk about it a lot. There is little point in going straight into a series of exercise sessions, and getting you moving if your technique isn't right on the 'foundation' exercises.

You need a foundation to be able to advance onto more advanced variations of exercises properly.

Basically speaking, what are foundation exercises? These are basic exercises such as squats, lunges, crunches and even press ups. If you cant do a press up don't worry, as the point is to see where you are at, and I know by your form in attempting an exercise where the work needs to go. (there are modifiable exercises anyway, by way of regression).

Placing all this in context then. For example, you want to lose some fat. Some exercise are put together. That could involve jump squats. Before that exercise is done, we need to be sure you know how to squat properly first. Another example is lunging with a weight. Firstly we need to see you can lunge properly with good foot position before adding anything else to it.

There are many reasons for a foundation of fitness. Here are some.....

1. An exercise done properly is an efficient one. You maximise on that exercise. ✅

2. Getting an exercise correct is better for your body and joints. ✅

3. The benchmark is set, exploring your range of motion and knowing what needs to be worked on. This is your foundation and building block. ✅

4. Getting positions and angles correct avoids injuries. Many injuries happen through not doing an exercise properly. ✅

5. By knowing you can do basic exercises correctly, you always have that foundation to fall back on. You have the means to put together an effective workout. ✅

Ultimately, ALL fitness goals are reached with effective training by getting the basics right in the first place. Workouts are efficient and nothing is wasted. The old saying of you are better doing one exercise properly as a hundred that are faulty is true! Any queries?

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