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New to weight training? Where should you start? How should you train?

When many join a training facility, whether a beginner or fairly experienced, people still over complicate the whole thing. The key to fitness training in general is keep it simple. Especially if you are new to it.

As always, every where you look there is conflicting advice, don't do that, do this or train like this and forget that program..... this is the problem that causes confusion for many.

The first step is to look at what you want to achieve. Take a look at the time you are willing to set aside to exercise. Then look at a training program. You need a structured plan in place which keeps you on the right path. If you go in and wander about, try different machines with no real plan, then there is no real structure or longevity to that.

This is how many fall by the wayside or give up completely.

So how should you train? Again, we enter the world of complication. Many dive in looking at training splits, training to failure, advanced training techniques or copy plans that a film actor may have used for a film role or grab something out of a magazine and 'try' that.

The key for a beginner is keep it simple! Training splits are useful and effective but firstly you need to get used to weight training, how your body feels and gain a balanced view first. You can always build on that at a later date, depending where you want your weight training take you.

So. A good rule of thumb is train three times per week. Exercise the whole body, and work on the main muscle groups. This gives you several benefits, including the body having a full workout regularly..... and ample rest in-between.

Why ample rest? Not only has your muscle been worked but so has your central nervous system. Rest days are essential.

Training three times per week and working the whole body over time also gives you a good idea about what you like, what you don't like and how you may want to step things up or try a different training format. Again, once you start a training routine, you must give it time. Give it a couple of months to see how you get on.

Too many flit from one training plan to another far too quickly and this really wont get you anywhere!

So, the key points..... train three times per week and cover the main muscle groups. Complete your sets and reps. Say, three sets minimum of 12 - 15 repetitions. Warm up before each training session and typically some form of cardio is good to get the blood flowing.

This is a good foundation for building muscular strength endurance, and start off with a weight you can manage for those reps. Don't go heavy too quickly. Take time and have FUN with it. Remember exercise should also be enjoyed.

Graham Kavanagh weight training

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