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Updated: May 9, 2020

Almost everywhere we have green spaces and areas that can be used, and local parks are fantastic places to use. Trim trails are popping up here and there (outdoor workout stations) to encourage you to exercise.

By taking decisive action and begin working out, you can prevent many health conditions from happening such as heart disease and diabetes type two. Even many health conditions such as diabetes type one and COPD for example can be effectively managed and alleviated by exercise.

Some basic exercises you can try for are running, press ups, planks, lunges and abdominal curls. All of these exercises are simple and suitable for absolute beginners. Why? Simply there are easier versions of each and they can all be broken down in to simple sequences till you get stronger.

Running > start as walk, then intermittent jogging.

Press ups > a great body conditioning exercise, and my favourite! Start on your knees if you cant do a full one (box press up).

Planks > on forearms, hold for a few seconds and build it up.

Lunges > perfecting technique is crucial here, but almost anyone can do them, take them slow and steady, try five on each leg.

Abdominal curls > most definitely can be done in the smallest of spaces! You only need to lift your shoulders off the ground, squeezing your abdominals and slide your hands slightly up your thighs.

At Graham Fit Personal Training, workouts are realistic, sustainable for you and programmed for you.

Hitting those abs!

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