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The desk career and low back pain

One of the common areas from where back pain arises is the desk career. Ironically a desk is very suited to assisting back pain sessions..... the height is perfect. 👈

So how can a desk career cause low back issues? Hunched shoulders, awkward sustained postures over keyboards do lead to muscle imbalances further down the body.

Hip flexors can get tight, as well as hamstring tightness. Overactive or under active muscles create imbalances.

The body can overcompensate in other areas if the muscle function is not as it should be leading to strain in the lower back..... as an example. ⬇️

During the working day it is always a good idea to shift seated position to give the body relief, take a mini stretch break and move the shoulders and neck (provided there are no other issues).

Here in the image, was the 'bind' point for a straight leg raise. No pressure was applied here, only gentle assistance as my hands are also making sure the leg lowers under control and doesn't drop. Why? some clients have very little control over limb movement in the early stages..... and many tense up when I ask them to relax. Core stability is often very weak.

Shoes. Should shoes be removed? Generally yes.

It depends on what we are doing, but a low back pain session is often best without shoes as this helps with seeing exactly what is going on with ankle mobilisation for example and assists with posture and limb positions. Thickness of shoe soles can mislead "ground" judgments.

Shoes can always be put back on for a warm up. Any questions? Don't hesitate to book your no obligation free consultation by phone or video call. ⬇️

A low back pain session with specialist exercise instructor Graham Kavanagh
Office visit for improving low back pain

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